Alt Spa
Face and Body Wellness



Brows: $13

Lip, Chin, Ear, Nose, Cheek: $10/per area

Underarms: $20

Arms: $45

1/2 Legs: $35

Full Legs: $60

Bikini: $25+

Brazilian: $60

Brazilian (Maintenance- Must book every 4-6 weeks): $45

Back, Chest: $45/per area


Our waxes are of the most pure ingredients and contain no hazardous ingredients. Our strip wax is great on the back, chest, arms, and legs and allows for speed waxing! There is no sticky residue! Our hard waxes are wonderful for the facial, underarm, and bikini areas and smell like pina colada and pumpkin pie! 

Note: Our hard waxes do contain beeswax, while our strip wax does not.